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If you’re ready to have your next great fishing experience, gear up here and load up that boat!

Dogfish Stiks

Find our selection of conventional and spinning rods all painstakingly hand crafted to meet your exact fishing needs.


Here comes the bass fishing break down. There is no reason to let this fish be a pain in “bass!” We have some easy ways to get your rod bent with a bass jumping on the other end of the line.


Call your chiropractor and get ready for a spine adjustment because we are going to give you some sweet tips on how to get the box full.


Get ready to fire up your smoker and have your friends and family over for some world famous fish spread.


Tired of chasing tail and being unsuccessful? Well, here are a few tips from the pros to get your Redfish game spot on.


Don’t worry about watching shark week on the Discovery Channel because we are going to have shark week behind your boat.


It’s snapper time, and you better be ready to bring lots of bait.


This fish is one of the most sought after inshore species because they test your patience and tackle and are delicious on the dinner table as well.


Tarpon is the inshore blue marlin. They are sought after by many and conquered by few. But not to worry, we will declassify the top secret tips that will surely have you fighting the Silver King.


The Spotted Sea Trout is Florida’s most wide spread inshore game fish, often considered to be the perfect fish for both novice and expert fishermen.


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We have the gear for the fish you're catching: